We provide exclusive provisions for a range of HVAC and other innovative ventilation cum cooling solutions. Since, air conditioning and cooling mechanisms works properly only if they are maintained properly. A regular upholding of the device will keep-up the system work for a reliable period of time; hence, apart from designing we are also focused towards the mechanism part of our products. We have been providing various solutions for different aspects of cooling systems. Apart from a range of designing related deals, we also offer documentation of designing process, tenders, etc. You can approach us for the following services.

We have got immense experience in HVAC technology and embedded applications. We are very innovative while giving any of the solutions enabling us to be one of the popular companies to provide refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems.
We have been providing the HVAC & R system across various fields including:
Entertainment – multiplexes, malls, theaters, auditoriums, retail
IT/ITES – IT park, BPO’s, offices, telecom
Healthcare – clinics, hospitals, laboratories
Hospitality – restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars
Others – stadiums

Clean Room Applications make the room contamination free. Here, the room is cleaned giving a pleasant environment. These technologies are mainly used in hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, corporate offices etc.

This technology maintains the temperature to a lower level and makes the organization cooling. It is more particularly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, restaurants, food processing.

For a vehicle seeking cool Atmosphere, it is important for maintaining the temperature lower and maintains the temperature cool. Here, the heat is more dissipated to other place and make the inside temperature cool for a vehicle.

With our Conceptual creation and manufacturing of cooling system we offer excellent ventilation solutions for a range of projects with low maintenance cost

M K Aircon works with the clients to transform their lives convenient and comfortable. We assist in offering a range of conceptual design options structured pertaining to the needs of the clients with respect to industrial and residential needs. We replace and upgrade refrigeration and ventilation system and make you feel the aspect of cost saving.

It is one of our component services through which we offer tender document preparation services for project scope, including specification details like final design, cost, time period required, etc

Our preliminary design also includes proposals for tendering cooling and ventilation system projects

Our tender documents’ preparation service includes contractual works such as designing, commissioning contract, equipment supply, procurement process, etc

Our documentation specialties for tender are experienced in providing consistence contractual approach of our services offered

At M K Aircon, the customers can believe a cost effective and fast processing legal paper preparation for contract with Government agencies and private organisations.

We offer consultancy provisions for ventilation related solutions, cooling factors, clean room validation concept for a range of official premises.

Our consultancy recommendations also extends over, probability study for ventilation, conceptual planning and working drawings for ventilation as well as cooling system.

We are also consultancy expertise and professionals in providing resolutions for industrial ventilation services, central cooling system, etc

Many of the operation and maintenance service require a cooling atmosphere. Here, we make sure that the heat is thrown outside to maintain the inside temperature cool.

At M K Aircon you can find Complete solution for HVAC and cooling system.

We start systematically with Tendering or Procurement to designing, erection of the system.

Our technicians take care of the testing process to make sure of the installation to take place safely.

We support our clients from designing, to erection and Commissioning of the HVAC or Refrigeration or Cooling System and stay with them for future maintenance services also.

Ensuring the quality of clean air circulation in the spaces of Pharmaceutical Industry,

Sterile Service Department helps in balancing scientific and medical lab requirements as well as operation theatres in terms of audit quality fulfilment and validation service.

Risk assessment of hardware and software functioning through complete validation analysis and assistance

Clean room evaluation comprises of analysis of presence of organics, metals, anions, particles, etc.

Clean room surface contamination analysis and Clean room equipment contamination analysis includes analysis of contaminated materials present and applying subsequent measures

Trace the presence of materials, dopants, acids and bases present in the air. We offer a high precision validation of the clean room evaluation

process and provide excellent solutions for the same

We ensure that you get effective cooling by integrating the natural process of evaporating the water to getting the outside air is pulled very naturally and the evaporation process is used to cool the water.