Mr. D. N. Shukla is the Founder of the Company and he began his business in 1999 with the Vision of “Innovative Solutions Provider Globally in HVAC & R Systems’. Being the Mechanical Engineer, in RFM, Dip. In Sales & Marketing and Marketing Management from IIM, A’bad he is extraordinary dynamic, Self-made businessman.

In the age of 34 Years he became Director and He brings rich experience in driving strategy, profitable revenue growth, developing new markets, service offerings, partnerships and client relationships including guidance for extension service and development of new applications and products.

Mr. D. N. Shukla has an extensive background and experience in different multinational companies like Voltas Ltd., A.E.Co., Searle (I) Ltd. and Batliboi Limited. He has a good technical knowledge and Good command on designing and Service of HVAC & R Systems.

Apart from this he was active in various places

  • Past President of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Engineers) – Western India Chapter
  • Regional Director West II ISHRAE – (Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration Air-conditioning Engineers) – Ahmedabad Chapter.
  • Member of The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI)
  • Alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)
  • President of South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) Ahmedabad Chapter

Mr. Shukla enjoys singing, exploring, reading and meaningful conversations.


Mr. Bharat Kulkarni has 42 Years experience in different multinational companies like Gammon India Ltd., Lyka Laboratories Ltd., Armour Chemicals Ltd., etc.

He has building a purposeful organization, implementing the company’s people value proposition, and developing a growth mindset. Passionate about nurturing talent and accentuating the human side of enterprise, he focuses on driving the data backbone of the company across the people and performance dimensions.

A Commerce Graduate he is known for his ability to think outside the box.





A strong team is the foundation of a high-performing business and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organization.



MKASPL has rounded Working Structure. WHY ??? Because “It’s created Social Belongingness.”

Humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among their social groups like co-workers, religious groups, professional organizations, sports teams. family members, intimate partners, mentors, colleagues, and confidants

This need for belonging may overcome the physiological and security needs, depending on the strength of the peer pressure.